Stacey – The Beginning

I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on Stacey – The Beginning My wife no doubt thought that I fancied Stacey but she clearly never knew the lengths that I might go to, to make my dreams come true.My name is Paul and I am 46 and live in Scotland, my wife Daisy is a gorgeous and very sexy 41 year old and we have a happy marriage and good sex life. But then the girl next door is something else!Stacey is a 27 year old dyed blonde with a stunning figure and long shapely legs to die for.Whilst she is not that well endowed in the breast department what she has elsewhere certainly makes up for that and at 5’9 she is slim and shapely and in my eyes really delicious. I often used to wonder why Stacey didn’t have a partner but having got to know her better; she told me she had problems in the past and found it hard to trust men.She did have a sex life, if you can call it that.She drank a lot and when drunk was an easy target (and easy lay) for anyone that might find her attractive or simply want a one-night stand.And whilst I do find her very attractive I know that she sees me more as a Father-Figure with whom she can talk about the most intimate details of her life.Not that I mind but it is often difficult for me to keep my wicked imagination at bay and sometimes to hide my erections when I am close to her.And I am often close to her, so to speak as she drives me to work.And when she is driving in what can only be described as a micro mini skirt and tight top.I watch her gorgeous tanned thighs moving slowly as she drives and talks about the various men she has had.Some that mean a lot for her in terms of sex and others that often do not. In the past I would always offer to assist her in any way I could with DIY or lending a hand as my attraction grew for her.And I would relish every opportunity to be in her house and perhaps see her to check out how she was dressed or more often semi-dressed in some of the styles when she was going out for a drink.And in the garden I would watch from my upstairs window and loved seeing in only a T-shirt and shorts.During the summer I would come home prior to my wife to find Stacey lying out in her garden working on her tan in a minute white bikini.My wife didn’t get home from work until an hour or more after me so I had a fair bit of time to myself. Sometimes I would go into my garden and start a conversation with my sexy neighbour but from the bedroom window I had a perfect view of her. She would usually roll over to keep her tanning even so I could see all sides of her perfect lean body.It became a habit every time I saw her sunbathing for me to strip naked in the bedroom, grab my hard cock with a palm full of baby-oil and wank while looking down on her.I would stand there stroking my cock until she was just about to get up and go back in before I would shoot my load into my hands. I kept a roll of toilet paper in the closet for cleaning up the mess. But Stacey’s way of life was work hard and play hard, once drunk. And it was just one of these occasions that arose a few months ago.Daisy was at her sister’s house for the evening and I was alone when I heard Stacey fall out of a taxi at around 11pm.I immediately went to her aid and paid the taxi driver before helping her up to her door.She was in 6” heels and a blue mini dress that left nothing to the imagination as it seemed to stick to her body like a glove.She was almost unconscious as I opened her door and she fell onto her stairs.I closed the door behind us.I tried to wake her and put the kettle on but she was completely out of it.I therefore decided it would be best to put her to bed. Carrying her up the stairs I looked down at her gorgeous face and even nicer body as I entered the bedroom.The bed was unmade and the room was strewn with clothing including bras and panties.A typical single girl I thought.I lay her on the bed and she moaned before appearing to fall back to sleep. Now any nice man would have left her on her bed and gone home.But I am not a nice man really, not when it comes to taking opportunities that come my way.I spoke gently to her and there was no response so I reached under her to unzip her dress, my intention being to remove this and then cover her up for a good night’s sleep, of course!Feeling the zipper I slid it down and then pulled the material from her shoulder and eased the dress off her wonderful slim body.She was now lying on the bed in just a white bra and matching thong. She looked so peaceful and sexy and just the vision of my young neighbour got me very excited.But I knew that I couldn’t touch her or really do anything else that might cost me my marriage. But as I looked down at her seeing her blonde hair around her face, his lips full and painted red and her wonderful body I knew I needed to do something to ease the tension that I was feeling.My cock was now swollen in my trousers and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her creamy skin that seemed to have all the right curves in all the right places with not an ounce of fat in the way. The bra clung to her breasts and I decided to remove it gently knowing that she would be more comfortable without it on in bed.And I was desperate to see her full breasts and nipples for the first time ever.In a second it was off and whilst she didn’t move, if I wasn’t rock hard before I was now with the sight of her bare breasts and her now in just a thong.I dropped to the floor and crawled over to the side of the bed. The moonlight shone in the window and illuminated her beautifully and I didn’t really care what happened next.I was content just to gaze at her. She moaned softly again and I didn’t dare move for several minutes until she settled again. I just sat there watching her sleep. Her C cup breasts rose and fell with every breath she took and I could see her nipples hardening ever so slightly.I pulled out my cock and began to slowly stroke it.I leaned over her to get a closer look at her body. Her nipples were starting to jut out as her chest heaved up and down and I was so tempted to run my tongue over one of them. But instead, I imagined in my mind reaching out and touching them, licking and sucking them.But I knew I had gone too far already and that would awaken her and make it very awkward. So instead I left it to my imagination and gazed at her naked tits as I wanked my cock.In my mind and my dream she was begging me to take one of her delicate pink nipples in my mouth as I groped her other breast. My eyes moved down her body.Her brown pubes were peeking out from the sides of her thong.And again my mind went into overdrive as I imagined pulling the thong to one side and burying my face into her young pussy. I started to lean over to sniff her pussy through the thin silky material, but I couldn’t without supporting myself on the bed. I didn’t dare touch anything so I just stared at her as I pumped my cock with my hand.My dirty mind now went wild picturing her naked with her lips wrapped around my thick hard cock, me fucking her and her fingering herself.And then she was on the bed as I wanked over her and she waited expectantly with an open mouth for my cum to splash all over her face. Reaching my hand down, I lifted a pair of her panties, black lacy ones and sniffed them deeply getting an aura of her pussy.Wrapping my cock in her panties I continued to wank, harder now and knew I was close to cumming.In my mind my cock was pushing itself between her tight cunt lips and my mouth was on hers in a hungry kiss as my hands mauled her perfect young breasts. And then I came, shooting load after load of hot juicy cum ropes into her delicately laced black panties.As I let my erection subside I covered my neighbour up with her quilt and let myself out of her house and back into my own, her panties full of my cum still in my pocket. As I walked into my house I had the shock as I saw my wife sitting with a glass of wine in the living room. “Where have you been honey?”She asked innocently. “Oh it was Stacey…………..!”I started to explain about her falling out of the taxi and me helping her into her house. Daisy smiled at me.“You’re such a kind man Paul, and a great neighbour for Stacey to have!” “Thanks!”I smiled…………………………somewhat guiltily. But I knew this was just the start of things to come with Stacey, my sexy next door neighbour.

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